29 Maggio 2024
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Tristan and Iseult

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The story of the fated lovers Tristan and Iseult is a favourite from the Arthurian legends. Tristan was the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall and one of the knights of the round table. Iseult was an Irish princess who was betrothed to King Mark. Tristan was sent to Ireland to bring back the princess for his uncle to marry but during the journey the young couple accidentally drank a love potion and were compelled to love each other. Eventually the adulterous couple were discovered by the king and Tristan was banished to Brittany where he was mortally wounded. Iseult, hurrying to tend to his wounds arrived too late and died of a broken heart over the body of her lover. However, even in death they were inseparable: out of their grave grew a honeysuckle tree and a hazel tree which were so entangled and intertwined that no one could part them.

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