28 Settembre 2021
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Fionn McCumhaill

Fionn McCumhaill (pronounced Finn McCool in english) is one of the most famous figures in Irish mythology, featuring in many well known legends. As a young boy he acquired the wisdom of the Salmon of Knowledge. As a young man he fell in love with Sadbh (pronounced Sive), the daughter of the High King of Ireland who had been enchanted into the form of a deer, and later on in life he was betrayed by the much younger Gráinne who eloped with Diarmuid just before she was due to marry Finn. The construction of the beautiful Giants Causeway in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland is also attributed to him. Legend has it that Finn hurled great rocks into the sea to build a causeway that would enable him to walk to Scotland to fight Benandonner, a Scottish giant that had been taunting him.

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